Designing comfortable, durable and dynamic upholstered
furniture is what Prostoria is tremendously good at. Pros-
toria gives you the quality and innovativeness you need for
your home or space.

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The way of life in a room

Each and every room has a story to tell. And it's the essence of
each story taht determines the furniture design and style. The
inspiration behind each product's design lies in the personal
stories expressed by those who live in the room.

perfected by artisans

The form of each Prostoria products follows its functions.
Prostoria believes in people creating for people. Which is
why, researching, exchanging ideas and knowledge of craft
are essential. While doing that, the best technology and
material in upholstered furniture are also considered in.

Well-deserved accolades

Prostoria furnitures have won the Red Dot Design Award, which most
refer it as the Oscar of interior furniture industry. This award which
takes place in Germany awards works that fulfil these criteria: design
innovation, functionality, ergonomics, ecology and durability.

Moments of restfulness

When you sit on Prostoria, it's not unusual that you
gently drift into a brief, restful slumper. Now that's
the kind of upholstered furniture Prostoria's naturally
good at creating. Whether it's in a living room, study
or just at a corner in your bedroom, a Prostoria is all
you'll need to complete your home experience.

Multi-function for
your multi-purpose needs

Prostoria sofas give you the flexibility you need.
It's dynamic shapes and dual function make it desirable
for use in homes, offices and SOHOs

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There are various designs and types of Prostoria upholstered
furniture for you to choose from. Drop by at our Stanzo
showroom to experience a Prostoria.

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